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We believe an optimal synergy among various disciplines of departments is crucial to build a strong company team where the foundation is to anticipate and rise to the ever-challenging requirements of stakeholders by continuous commitments.


Ken believes that everyone deserves a chance at a better life. In 2008, he entered the telecommunications industry to become a successful entrepreneur. Wanting to help others be successful in the internet products industry, he joined Isaac to form KTIC in 2012.


Isaac has been in the telecommunications industry since 2008. Dedicated to achieving success, in the first month UniFi was launched, he managed to sell 300 units. Believing that everyone can be their own boss, he formed KTIC with Ken to help others achieve their dreams.

Head of Account, Finance & Business Administration

The heart can do anything impossible.

Do it more now, and you will find it easy later.

Head of Operation

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Getting closer to 6 years at this amazing company! It’s been a fun ride. For me, my experiences working in KTIC, the first thing that comes to mind is KTIC has a very happening working culture & environment. Everyone gets along well and it feels like a big family. There are days where things are great and there are days that are very challenging. It’s a pleasure to work with understanding and supportive bosses where they praise in public and criticize in private. Workwise I feel that there is a lot of opportunity to learn new things and you learn as you go and many new things constantly being introduced from time to time.

Head of Sales

Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard !

Working with KTIC since KTIC is just started 10 years ago, work without day and night to fight and achieve for the company. From zero to top 1 in Telekom Malaysia, started from sales & agent recruitment, 6 years ago stepped into retail (manage TMpoints), learnt from zero again and manage more than 10 outlets and more than 2000 agents now.

Head of Online Sales

Seek for solution , not explanation

Its not traditional micro monitoring company, a group of adventurers who never stops , never satisfy, you can seriously feel that in this company. While people still enjoy using kampung roads, they already building their highway , we-are-this-type-of-people.

Head of Affiliate Partnership

Always try to switch from competitions to collaborations

KTIC Group is a place that feels like home, I’m not even joking. All of the colleagues are so friendly and easy-going, and most importantly, less drama! Everyone is so helpful, and I don’t think I encounter any hardships by far.

In my daily job, I have met different clients. Dealing with different types of people and companies is something that is really FUN! It makes me feel that my learning path never stops (this is what that’s matters right?)

Customer Support

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Almost 4 years I have been with KTIC, many interesting changes in my life style. I have Very comfortable and attractive work space. Support and advice from great bosses and team helped me solve many problems in the operation. I learned a lot while running an operations team, meeting with various agent attitudes and learning to solve problems faced by agents. I’m sure, all of this gives me the strength to help everyone who is interested in making Unifi sales in the future.