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Slow Internet? 6 Simple Steps To Help Speed Up Your Internet! 

Time to say goodbye to slow internet

With the current frustration and uncertainty surrounding our country’s seemingly endless lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing we need is a slow internet speed.

This is especially true for (most of) us who spend a lot of time at home relying on the internet no matter if it’s for work, study or personal matters.

Fortunately, there are 6 easy ways to improve your internet speed before you consider switching internet providers.


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1. Try placing the router in a central location

You see, WiFi signals travel at a limited distance. That means the further your mobile device (e.g. smartphone, laptop) is away from your WiFi router, the weaker the WiFi signals you are going to receive.

So, the best way is to place your router in a central spot, allowing it to transmit the WiFi signals from every reachable direction. This also helps to minimise the dead zone (e.g. thick walls) compared to the router that is placed near the window or close to the wall.

2. Elevate your router

Treat your router like a queen. You do not want to upset the router by placing it on the floor since the WiFi signals would end up being absorbed into the ground. Instead, place your router at a higher ground position, say on a shelf to optimise the signals.

3. Adjust your router’s antennas

See those antennas attached to your router? Try adjusting them accordingly to get better WiFi signals. For example, if your router has two or more antennas, consider angling them horizontally or vertically.

4. Try a Fibre Connection

Are you still using a copper-based network like Streamyx? Especially for those who need to work with fast internet… this is your reason why the internet can feel slow.

Copper-based networks are usually those with wireline phone connections (ex. modem) that use copper optics which can only send up to 40 Gbps worth of data. Meanwhile, fibre-based connections use fibre optics to transmit 60 Tbps and beyond! Their low latency also gives a smoother connection overall with almost no hiccups.

Today, fibre-based connections in Malaysia are more affordable than before. In fact, with promos like KTIC Group’s 2-month free use for the Unifi Fibre Internet 100Mbps Plan, you can feel the difference in speed + the worth of your time and money spent on this upgrade.

5. Avoid the kitchen

Remember that your kitchen is among the worst areas to place your router in. That’s because electric appliances and metal objects in the kitchen can disrupt your WiFi signals.

6. Stretch your WiFi network

Sometimes, even with all the repositioning of antennas and placements of your router in a central location, your internet speed may still suffer from a performance dip. If so, try investing in a WiFi booster to help amplify your existing WiFi signals.


If none of those tips works, that means your current internet service provider isn’t for your location. You’ll need to switch!

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